The Endgame

Unleash your ultimate strategy and conquer the Endurium Tree for victory

The endgame of a Game Round in Eco Empires is an intense and thrilling conclusion where the ultimate goal is to conquer and defend the Endurium Tree. This critical phase starts within a specific timeframe near the end of each Game Round, and while this timeframe is pre-announced, the exact time when the Endurium Tree will spawn remains a mystery.

Spawning of the Endurium Tree As the endgame approaches, the Endurium Tree will spawn at a random location on the World Map. This powerful objective is guarded by AI troops that you must overcome to take control. Unlike other conquests, no Settler is needed to claim the Endurium Tree. However, the challenge lies not just in conquering it, but in holding and defending it against all other players who will be vying for the same prize.

Strategic Defense and Timing To succeed, you must time your moves perfectly. The competition will be fierce as players across the entire World Map aim for the Endurium Tree. Continuous battles are inevitable, and only the most strategic and well-supported players will prevail. It is crucial to send enough support troops, maintain a steady supply of Wheat to feed them, and leverage the strength of your Guild and allies. Scouting becomes vital as opposed to randomly sending in attacks, and carefully planning your army composition can make all the difference.

Resource Management The Endurium Tree starts with a maximum capacity of 50,000 Wheat and generates 2,500 Wheat per hour. Players can send additional Wheat as long as they have available Merchants. Keeping your troops well-fed is vital, as a lack of Wheat will lead to starvation, weakening your defense.

Uniform Travel Times In a unique twist, all travel times towards the Endurium Tree are standardized. Whether you are sending attacks, support troops, or Merchants with Wheat, the travel time is always three hours, regardless of your position on the World Map. This uniformity ensures a level playing field and requires precise coordination and timing.

Battle Mechanics If multiple players from the same Guild attack the Endurium Tree and one successfully conquers it, any additional incoming attacks from that Guild are automatically converted into support. Similarly, any surviving units after conquering the Endurium Tree will remain there as defensive units. This ensures cohesive teamwork and a stronger defense for the Guild that manages to take control. The Endurium Tree is fortified with a level 10 wall, providing defenders with a 28% defense boost. Additionally, there is a 36% chance of catching Scouts attempting to infiltrate the defense.

Victory Conditions In the endgame phase, the player or Guild that holds onto the Endurium Tree for the longest cumulative time wins. Individual control time is paramount, but if a player is a member of a Guild, only the Guild name will be displayed on the leaderboard, representing the collective effort of its members. A leaderboard showing the top three contributors, whether individual players or Guilds, based on their cumulative control time, will be visible once the endgame begins. This means that when the Game Round concludes, the ultimate victor is determined by the combined control time of the top-ranked contributors.

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